Getting to know the Caribbean islands

The Antilles or the Caribbean comfortably perched in a geographic “hollow” between North and South America. Large and small, leeward and windward, densely populated and uninhabited islands – all of this is a paradise place for tourists and travelers. The real haven has stretched on more than fifty islands of the Caribbean Sea forming ideal combination of natural and man-made. Rich heritage of the colonial past such as house-museums and mansions compliments the exotic nature with its green rainforests and volcanic landscapes.

Caribbean includes Greater and Lesser Antilles. Four major islands Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto-Rico from the Greater Antilles. While Lesser Antilles consist of smaller islands that are also divided into leeward and windward. Well known islands like noisy Bahamas, authentic Turks and Caicos, divided between US and UK Virgin Islands, discovered by Columbus Guadeloupe, Grenada, Barbados Trinidad and Tobago and famous Dominica included in Lesser Antilles.

There are a lot of reasons for high popularity of the Caribbean islands among the tourists: all year round warm sea, amazing natural beauty, a great choice of hotels, great conditions for water sports, night clubs, restaurants, interesting sightseeing excursions and many more. Take, for example, Cuba or the Dominican Republic: you can not only enjoy relaxing vacation on the beach, but also wander around Old Havana, visit coffee and tobacco plantations and listen to the street musicians.

One of the distinctive features of the Caribbean is great variety of leisure options, because each country has its own specialty. For instance, Barbados retained a lot of English traditions. There is a wide choice of hotels, but not all of them allow kids. Grenada is known as the “spice land”, there are many botanical gardens, museums and beautiful inviting beaches. Turks and Caicos attract elite tourists with its luxurious five-star hotels, as well as with its perfect conditions for diving and high-class SPA centers. St. Lucia is often called “Garden Island” as one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. In contrast to it – Aruba is more deserted island, but with vibrant nightlife. St. Martin offers variety of hotels of different levels, just like the Bahamas that offer accommodation options from secluded hotels to noise urban complexes. And lastly if you’re visiting Curacao go to one of the bars and order a glass of a wonderful blue drink.

With all of this variety it might be hard for the tourists to choose a holiday destination in the Caribbean. Since all of the islands are very different, it is important to find the resort that will suit your preferred type of vacation best. With our articles you will learn about the unique features of every island, get acquainted with national Caribbean cuisine traditions and get a complete guide on the main attractions. We want to tell you that the Caribbean is not only white beaches and crystal clear water, but also the age-old cultural traditions, rich history, unique flora and fauna, as well as the underwater world. Get to know this wonderful place and you will no longer have any doubts about your next trip.