Health benefits and food

Health has a great significance in your day to day life. While we talk about health we have both primary components as well as secondary components. The primary components of health are related to fitness and the major topics include cardio respiratory capacity, capacity of muscles, flexibility of the body and the whole body composition. Each part affects different aspects of health and fitness and wellness of the human body.

In secondary components it includes seven different types of performance and all these seven performance are very essential for the daily functioning and incorporation of physical activity of the body. Healths are wellnesses are different aspects but they both are interconnected to each other. Health of a person is never constant and they keep on changing from time to time.

22A fit person now can be unfit a few months later. Health of a person can be considered to be good or bad depending about his health conditions and diseases and illness. Health of a person depends upon four different aspects like social health, mental health, physical health and spiritual health. Health of a person completely depends upon how he takes care of his heath and how he eats and do exercise.

Importance of health in life

Healthy food wallpaper 11 2560x1600We all know health plays a very important role in every once life. Health means that state of life where a body is free from diseases of any kind. Health does not mean just being free from diseases but also means being fit and fine mentally. You may not have very serious health issue but even if you have same indigestion problem, frequent headaches.

Many factors contribute to have poor health like stress, fatigue thatcan be physical and mental, frequent loss of temper can all be considered to be a part of poor health. If you have poor health it not only affects your body but it has a bad effect on your mind and mental state as well. If you have any pains or aches in the body it will lead to psychological effects and ill health.

alkalilne-dietIf your health is poor it will affect your family and your job and work will also be affected. A person with poor health will be mentally stressed and he cannot pass any positivity to his family, friends or co workers. So it is very important to stay healthy not just for your own health but for your social commitments as well.